The Acupuncture Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Clinic

The Assessment and Treatment of Orthopedic, Sports Injuries, and Pain
Whitfield Reaves specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, pain, and musculoskeletal disorders. He uses an integrated approach of the most effective techniques of traditional acupuncture within the context of a western orthopedic and sports medicine framework. The classical texts of Chinese medicine theory provide very intriguing diagnostic insights. However, it is the precision of anatomical and orthopedic point prescription, such as trigger points and motor points, that significantly increase our results, patient by patient, in the clinic.

Sports acupuncture offers many effective therapies, including the following:
Orthopedic acupuncture and other sports medicine protocols
Treatment of trigger points and other anatomically significant tissues
Assessment and treatment of pain due to postural imbalances
Electrical stimulation of acupuncture points
Skilled therapeutic cupping techniques to increase micro-circulation
Integrated approaches for the enhancement of athletic performance
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Whitfield Reaves OMD, LAc
Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD)
Licensed Acupuncturist – License #1183 (State of Hawaii)
National Diplomate in Acupuncture – License #3419

In clinical practice since 1981
Phone: (808) 866-9816

Whitfield Reaves Acupuncture is in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii