Webinars and Podcasts

In 2012, Whitfield introduced The Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series. The program will include up to 20 of the most common sports injury and pain syndromes. Hosted by Eastern Currents Learning, this series features both upper and lower extremity injuries, in a series of one-hour Webinars. Currently, there are 18 courses to choose from, with more to developed in the coming year. Topics range from the treatment of shoulder, hip, knee, ankle/foot, and back pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and other sports related injuries and pain syndromes. These courses are focused on specific needling protocols and assessment methods to treat these various conditions, and are clearly presented with video footage demonstrating techniques discussed in the course.

The practitioner can conveniently view the recorded webinars at times of their choice, and review course material repeatedly during course access. This distance-learning format makes the theory and practice of Acupuncture Sports Medicine available to practitioners unable to travel to Boulder or other seminar sites.

Each one-hour webinar of the series may be viewed individually. A Certificate of Completion is earned by those who complete at least 15 hours of the program. Recorded webinars are approved for Canadian, NCCAOM, and California PDAs (CEUs). There are also free online forum opportunities held on Eastern Currents’ site where questions and clarification regarding content covered in the series can be asked directly to Whitfield Reaves.

Webinar #1 - Stiff Neck
Webinar #2 - The Supraspinatous
Webinar #3 - The Infraspinatous
Webinar #4 - Frozen Shoulder
Webinar #5 - The Biceps Muscle
Webinar #6 - The AC Joint
Webinar #7 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Webinar #8 - Tennis Elbow
Webinar #9 - Hip Bursitis
Webinar #10 - Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome
Webinar #11 - The Patello-femoral Joint
Webinar #12 - Medial Knee Pain
Webinar #13 - The Hamstring Muscle
Webinar #14 - Shin Splints
Webinar #15 - Achilles Tendonitis
Webinar #16 - Lateral Ankle Sprain
Webinar #17 - Plantar Fasciitis
Webinar #18 - The Quadratus Lumborum

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Webinar Series

Sports Medicine Videocasts (Webinar Forums)

Whitfield is pleased to announce that by September, 2018, we will be introducing a program of videocasts. You might say that videocasts are podcast with video. Others call them live webinars. If you have an interest in sports medicine acupuncture, this may be for you. Our goal is to clarify many of the complexities of diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of sports injuries and pain. And to do it in a live on-line format, where professional community can be developed. So many sports acupuncturists have limited mentors and colleagues to discuss and share cases, and we think this may help alleviate some of the isolation. And to have some fun with the technology that is available to us all. Stay tuned.

Sports Medicine Podcasts
Whitfield is pleased to announce that PinPoint Performance Podcasts are officially up and running. If you have an interest in treating sports injuries, pain, or how to optimize your patient’s athletic performance, then you must listen to this podcast. Colleagues Chad Bong and Alex Brazinski will interview leading acupuncturists to dig into sports acupuncture’s history, influences, current treatment strategies, and where we are headed in the future. This program aims to increase the profession’s understanding of sports training, injuries, and the mindset of the athlete by interviewing Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, and Sports Psychologists.

Website: PinPointPerformance.Training